Can I grow any other herbs?

Very soon! We're always adding new herb options. You can choose to get either a new Herb Garden Kit or replacement Herb Refill Pack. This means you can get an Herb Garden Kit now, and when you're ready, switch to a new plant in the future (without having to buy a whole new kit - just an Herb Refill Pack).

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Do herbs grown soil-free taste as flavorful as soil-grown herbs?

Yes. The most important factor in flavor (and nutrient content) is how recently it was harvested. The fresher the better. As long as you're growing herbs yourself (soil-grown or soil-free), and not buying them from the grocery store, you're much better off in terms of optimal flavor and nutritional content.

What do I have to do to make it work?

It may seem complicated to grow your own food indoors, but it’s not. We promise.

We’ve made growing your own herbs as convenient as using a microwave. Just follow along the weekly care guide and leave the rest to Sprigli. You’ll learn how to start your seeds, add water and nutrients, and harvest your Sprigli when you’re hungry.

How long will my plants last?

The Sprigli Herb Garden Kits are designed to be reused. While many herbs can last months, or even years, you may want to swap out your herb for a different one before that time.

While the plant nutrients that come with the kit last for months, after they're gone you'll need to get more nutrients to keep your plant healthy. Nutrient Refill Packs are available for purchase. One pack includes enough nutrients for 6 months of feeding for one Sprigli.

What happens when I’m ready to grow new plants?

Replanting is easy. Herb Refill Packs are available for purchase and include everything you need to start growing a new herb in your Sprigli (seeds, grow plug, nutrients, etc). In the future, even more herb options will be available.

How big is it?

Each Sprigli container measures 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height.

Why shouldn’t I just shop at the grocery store?

Growing your own herbs with Sprigli is healthier and more convenient than buying from the grocery store - and it can save you money! For the average American family, nearly 30% of store bought produce goes bad in the fridge before it can be eaten - and per ounce, herbs are some of the most expensive!

Even more concerning, Americans throw out the equivalent of $165 billion worth of food each year - a large part of it being produce. Not only is the food itself wasted, but the fresh water, nutrients, energy, and land used to grow it is wasted too.

By growing your own food with Sprigli, you’re saving your wallet AND the planet.


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