Fresh Herbs That Won't Go Bad

Tired of your fresh herbs going bad in the fridge? So are we.

That's why we created Sprigli, a soil-free, self-watering indoor herb garden that doesn't require any prior gardening knowledge and takes less than 5 minutes of care each week.

Start Growing With Sprigli

Why Sprigli?

Always Fresh

Herbs that won’t go bad before you can use them.

Guided Growing

We're with you every step of the way - from planting to harvest.

Convenience Gardening

No weeds. No mess. No hassle.

Fresh Herbs That Won't Go Bad

Instead of scraping off a wilted mess from the bottom of your fridge, enjoy flavorful, aromatic herbs within seconds of harvesting.

Stop throwing away money on herbs that go bad in a matter of days - start growing your own with Sprigli.

Step-By-Step Growing Guide

We know growing a plant from seed can be intimidating.

That's why we're committed to helping you every step of the way - from setup to planting to harvest, we're with you.

Included with every Sprigli is a herb-specific Growing Guide detailing exactly how to successfully grow a healthy, strong plant.

Clean, Simple Gardening

Sprigli provides faster growth, fewer bugs, and no mess when compared to traditional soil gardening.

Better yet, you'll know exactly where your food came from, what’s in it, and how it was grown.

It's as locally grown as you can get, and even better than organic.

Start Growing with Sprigli

More Herbs Coming Soon...

In the coming months ahead, we'll be releasing many more herb options.

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